Jamaica Scuba Diving Club

Of course, you want to join the Jamaica Scuba Diving Club

3 Places You Must Visit In Jamaica

For me, any respectable vacation involves water, water, beach, sunshine, and water. Did I mention that I love being around water. Rain. Oceans. Lakes. Waterfalls. Ahhh. Waterfalls.  I love the sounds and the mist on my face and the rainbows. And the way they seem to pop out of nowhere. Just walking through the woods…

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Welcome to Jamaica Scuba Diving Club

The Jamaica Scuba Diving Club is an elite organization that is dedicated to uplifting the scuba diving lifestyle in Jamaica as well as worldwide. Many people think that the scuba diving experience is uniform no matter where you go.  But we are here to prove that it is unique in every location and to give you…

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